When I think of the Metzler family my heart smiles; I think of Ted, as the big, gentle teddy bear, Margaret, with a dry wit, and a contagious smile and laugh. Emmy, the sweet big sister and Will, the wild-man from Ella's gymnastics class years ago…and Julia, such a beautiful blend of all of you.
Jules, you are my sister and one of the best friends I ever had. Every second I have spent with you I have cherished. And although you will not be there in body with us for the rest of the fun times, I know that you will be with us inour hearts….forever.We know that you are up there smiling down on us and giving your little laugh where your face kind of scrunches up…and it is that that keeps us going…I miss you so much and I know that will never change. I have two pieces of advice for you, #1. No twirling your hair when you suck your thumb and #2. No biting, unless you plan on scarring someone permanently so they too will never forget you, lastly, remember that I will always love you as my playmate, my sister, my nap-buddy and my best friend
Julia was a magical child who endeared herself to anyone who came in contact with her…I have the precious memory of our two little ones having a conversation all of their own, the little smiles as well as the little arguments over what tape to listen to…Julia, was my dear friend's child and my son's friend…I love her so. Julia's magical spirit lives within each of you just as it did when she was alive…You will never loose that.
I think that Reverend Anderson did a wonderful job at the service communicating Julia's character and spirit to the crowd; it was obious that she was the joy of your lives and all the lives that she touched ~ how I wish I had had the opportunity to know her a bit better! Your little angel, Julia, will remain forever in our hears and all of you will remain forever in our thoughts and prayers…
I will always remember her with joy and fondness (and a bit of laughter too).
The light and brilliance of what was Julia will live on in all of you forever and, with time, we believe you will draw strength and peace from this treasure only hearts can hold.
Julia touched so many. The love she brought to your family will carry you through And in the future the memories will crystallize into inspiration for all of us.
Dear Julia, I love you and we will all miss you. I hope you will be happy in heaven. You will be the prettiest angel. Be Will and Emmy's guardian angel, they need you.
Dear Julia, I will miss you so much. I will always remember you…"mamazita!" I love you soooo much.
Julia was a beautiful child, full of spirit and personality ~ she will be missed by all who knew her.
I was amazed that the life of a three year old girl could be so full and that she made such an impression in her short life to so many adults. She seemed a complete person and not an evolving one, not a three year old non-entity. What that told me was that you, as a family, enjoyed her, knew her and truly loved her while she was living. So few of us, even as adults, have been able to say that we have made the most of our time on earth with those we love. Her leaving us made most people in that church appreciate others more and for tiny feet, she's left quite a long trail.
I can't tell you, as God only knows too well, how often she comes before my eyes. I think of her sitting on the floor "at morning meeting" often times sucking her thumb and her head against my knee. She was so loving and generous. Always sharing her snacks with her friends, and so elated every time she got her letters or numbers right. I can hear her say, "I did it, I did it" and the kids would all clap for her. Now she is with the angels and her head is resting on our Lord's knee and "all" are clapping for her.
I have a treasured memory of Julia that I would like to share, actually a snap shot…we were at playgroup and Julia was peeking around a chair with a big, impish grin on her face. Oh the joy, the happiness in her eyes. I will carry that memory with me…such a sweet child.
Julia's now an angel soaring through the sky, her tiny wings are fluttering, for she has just begun to fly. Although her journey is quite long, she's comforted by heaven's sweet song. As she soars to the heavens above, she smiles down at her family, full of love. Julia knows they will all reunite, when her family reaches heavens bright light. Her family and friends can all sleep peacefully tonight, for their new guardian angel, Julia, will keep them all in her loving sight!!
We are so glad to have had Julia be a part of Sammi’s life. She will certainly be missed but never forgotten. Life is tough enough without having to live through such a tragic event. Our deepest sympathy goes out to your family.
Julia will always be with us at Mendham Country Day because we will be seeing Will everyday.
Julia is my special friend and I miss her. Julia was full of fun and energy, she was very special.
I hope God gives you the strength to go thought these tough times. We all miss her and are thinking about her.
Mia will miss Julia very much and will always think of her as her special friend. Our hearts and prayers are with you.
You are all in our thoughts and prayers. We will all miss your little angel. God bless you and grant you the strength to carry on.
Julia is a part of me and forever will be. I was blessed to be her teacher and friend. My heart goes out to you. Know she will always be remembered by all that knew her. To know her is to love her and I know she’ll be missed and loved FOREVER.
She was a precious Angel, my heart goes out to your family, you are all in my thoughts and prayers.
Your family is in our prayers. Avery will miss Julia very much, she was a beautiful and special little girl.
We will always remember your contagious laughter, beautiful smile and happy sweet face. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Worlds cannot express the sorrow we feel for Julia and your family. Dylan will miss holding hands and playing with his special friend. Please know that are prayers are with you.